Reviews from our Guests (BORACAY)

Review by Alesah, from Philippines

"I’ve been doing silent meditations before, not necessarily Osho techniques, and felt my progress was slow.
I have an Australian client who also became a very dear friend and mentor who introduced me to Osho’s talks and techniques. It took me 2 years before I realized that I need to immerse myself into active meditations because Osho’s techniques are holistic. Holistic, in a sense, that one technique is broken down into stages where there are parts that are active and followed by silence. There are “cathartic” techniques that will allow me to throw accumulated garbage over the years.
So when I searched online for “Osho meditations in the Philippines”, The Beach Meditation popped up. I emailed them and they replied with some of their programs.
The 7-Day Transforming Program appealed to me – as it came with several various Osho meditations combined with Holotropic Breathwork sessions, Sunset Meditation and personal talks.
The first day itself was intense and beautiful at the same time. I didn’t think I could finish the Dynamic Meditation, but I committed to myself I would complete every single session.
The second day was more intense, but the day ended more beautiful than before. I felt I had released a lot of repressed emotions and then danced the day away after that.
There were drizzles and rainbows and beautiful sunsets in between, and the rest of the days were uniquely beautiful on their own.
I would recommend the 7-Day Transforming Program or any other program to anyone who wants to DIG DEEPER into themselves and find the authentic you.
Yes, I will do it again with Samuel and Panila because they’re both amazing people to meditate with and be friends with.
And if I could do it longer than 7 days, I certainly would.
Thank you so much, Sam & Panila.”

Review by Lee Lewis, from USA

"Morning of my last day, there was a feeling of melancholy and dread to leave this paradise and return to my everyday life. For seven days, I've seen myself transforming gradually, shredding more and more layers of burdens and sadness. I discovered my inner light, it was such a beautiful and moving experience. I am able to dance again like nobody is watching, glimpses of stillness and nothingness come and go. It will be something for me to continue practicing in my everyday life. I learn how to breathe deeply, laugh like crazy, cry like there is no tomorrow, be silly and childlike anytime I want, try new things with all the enthusiasm you can muster, being different is always ok!
Besides his constant love, support and subtle encouragement... with a French accent Samuel has given me so many techniques and inspirations. This is such a life changing experience. OSHO dynamic meditation, breathwork, chakra vibrations, laughter meditation and more! I won't spoil all his surprises for you. He has really piercing eyes, when he looks at you, it feels like he can look into your soul. It is very moving every time.
He ended the retreat with very positive and playful meditations. My clouds from this morning have lifted! I catch myself smiling for no reason at all!! I will continue practicing through and my local groups.
Come with an open mind and give it your all. You will leave here feeling lighter and happier. Consider this the ultimate detox treatment for your soul. I will be back again, next time for 2 or 3 weeks!"”

Review by Nerissa Joy, from UK

"In regards to my yoga and active meditation retreat, Mr Samuel was a very professional tutor, his meditation techniques were different to what I thought it would be. He taught me a lot of breathing techniques and I enjoyed the beach yoga. Over all it was a great, fun experience and very relaxing. I definitely do recommend his meditation techniques. 4 stars!”

Review by Savannah, from Philippines

"I would like to thank you for such an enlightening weekend. I truly enjoyed it and would definitely will be continuing the techniques you taught us as best as i can at home, if i loose it i will just need to come back! Haha!
You and this experience has taught me a lot- not just about different meditation types and techniques but a lot about myself and for this i am truly thankful.
I hope to hear from you soon!
Savannah. "

Review by Magdalena, from Poland

"The Beach Meditation in Boracay exceeded my expectations to say the least. I wanted to relieve stress, quiet the mind, and simply recharge on a beautiful island. I got all that and so much more! I gained a new perspective, learnt a variety of techniques to awaken the natural capacity for balance, acceptance and greater energy. Almost a month has gone by since I finished my 2-week retreat and I keep discovering new benefits. I’m a better version of myself. I now have the tools to draw on my inner strength and deal with life’s challenges (big and small). I owe so much to Samuel for holding the space in which I could not only relax but grow, heal, and reach a beauty within that I didn’t know existed."

"Thank you, Samuel, you are a wonderful guide and facilitator."

"PS: The best part for me was that a lot of the meditations invited us to be physically active!""

Review by Krhizzy, from Phlippines

"Dear Samuel,
I'm back here in Manila and feeling better than I used to be. Thank you for this opportunity. It opened doors of hope, forgiveness, acceptance and simplicity. And I'm more than happy to go deeper.
The next step is all about exploring more and these reference materials will truly help. I hope to be back soon.
It's been my pleasure to be with you and Janine even for a short period.
Thank you! "

Review by Jet, from Holland

"I was looking for a yoga place and via trip advisor I read about The Beach Meditation. I first did a 1-day Program (yoga in the morning - meditation in the afternoon - sunset meditation in the evening). This was a perfect day program. I was with two other girls who also joined the whole day.
Samuel is so incredibly friendly! He is a really good yoga teacher from whom you can learn. And He really made me feel comfortable during the meditation sessions. The meditation exercises were new to me and quite out of the box (dance meditation), but I loved it! Its a wonderful way to free your mind.
The day after I extended, because I wanted to do another meditation session. We did a holotropic breathwork workshop. I never did this before. It was an amazing experience. Samuel did a wonderful job making me feel at ease to fully profit the meditation!
I would definitely come back or recommend him."

Review by Leonie and Valentine, from Switzerland

"The beach meditation takes place on Boracay, a rather touristy island with a stunning white sand beach. It is based on station 3 which is less crowded but still has a nice variety of restaurants and bars.
My boyfriend and I both didn't have any experience before, but our passionate teacher - Samuel - did a great job. We both loved the sunrise yoga on the beach to have a fresh start into the day! The meditation was totally different of what we expected: Just sitting and closing your eyes was a small part of it, but it contained a lot of body movements, different breathing techniques, and other active parts. We learned a lot of new things about ourselves and really enjoyed our 4days retreat, which we even extended by one day."

Review by Henrietta, from Hungary

"I had very turbulent 3 years both in personal and work life and decided to start my one-month break with yoga and meditation, so I went for the 7 Days Transformation Retreat.  It was an unforgettable experience starting the day with Sam and yoga at the beautiful and calm beach at Boracay! I received so much attention and caring from Sam and Jo, and the community around them! Sam is a really authentic person and very skilled in guiding you through your journey by yoga and meditation. Jo also has unique skills that contributes transforming your life.
Due to the experiences my relationships has changed and my entire life has changed - even if I am back to the seemingly same world as before. I can recommend this experience to everyone and can not wait to continue…”

Review by Mythra, from Sweden

“Dear Samuel,
Thanks for sharing you experience, wisdom and support during my stay. You and Jo are doing a great job and i am so grateful i got the opportunity to experience it. I will remember it with love, a place who opened my heart, where I could surrender myself into something new. A beautiful time and one of my greatest experiences. There is more to discover and things that still needs to be healed. I hope to get back soon.

Review by Laali, from Greenland

"This retreat has been one of the best experiences in my life! I had only tried few yoga classes back home in Greenland and in Denmark, but never tried meditation before.
"Regarding the accommodation, I just stayed at my own Hostel which I already had a booking for another week after the retreat.
"The retreat was 4 amazing days which has opened a whole new World to me! Specially the active meditation was just unbelievable!
"Samuel was just fantastic and very Professional. He really knows this and how to work and help people.
"So I will for sure do this again and will first of all look for Samuels destinations."

Review by Jonas, from Denmark

“A fun, liberating and deep experience”
"I went on the 7 days meditation and yoga retreat to get some headstart on getting into a meditation practice again and do some yoga to easy up tensions in my body. I've been practicing mindfulness on my own before, but couldn't really find back to the place I had been. I chose The Beach Meditation because of their focus on meditation while still including yoga. Moreover, as the lessens take place at the beach or the nearby rooftop at Dante's hideaway, it's easy to integrate the retreat schedule with so many of the activities that you can do at the beach. I went for long swims, did stand up paddling and fun dives. The settings are very free and liberating, while still giving the framework for deep inner work.
Most of the time though, I came to prefer spending my free time in deep or fun conversations with the other guests, often sparked by something we learned about ourselves in our last meditation session.

Both teachers, Samuel and Josef, are very competent in their teachings and their passion for sharing their knowledge in a very open and straightforward manner are contagious. During the course, they guided me through several meditation techniques that went way beyond what I've experienced with any meditation before. I felt of trust in them and was able to commit fully to process and gained a lot more leverage on my meditation practice than I had expected.

I will recommend doing a retreat with The Beach Meditation to anyone who are interested in getting further into meditation; and to those who want to experiment and try out new and different methods. I enjoyed it so much that I staying 3 more days, after finishing the 7 days retreat. It was truly an enjoyable, fun and deep experience.”filled with so much energy and warmth in our bodies and hearts. Hopefully you are able to continue doing this and who knows where we will meet the next time.

Much love.”

Review by Karolina, Australia

The Beach Meditation provided a wonderful experience where I was able to further my yoga practice and learn about meditation for the first time.
The style of meditation was very different to what I typically associated with meditation. OSHO meditation is divided into active and still sessions, and each section of the sessions brought new experiences. My mind and body was certainly opened to the world of meditation and I still have many questions about how certain things happen.
As a scientifically minded individual I was very interested in why certain things happen, and Samuel was very knowledgeable, providing solid answers and reference points. I think by the end of the course I had stopped asking as many questions and was most open to practice.
The yoga was lovely. Each morning waking up to the ocean, in a mostly Vinyasa practice was incredibly refreshing. I wish I could afford the time to do this back home. I came away from each day feeling more and more relaxed, and truly lulled into island time.
I would recommend this course to anyone interested in yoga and specifically mediation, who has an open mind, and would like to learn about the practices.
Thanks Samuel for this time! I appreciate your skill and knowledge and have many interesting stories from my time with The Beach Meditation.

"Dear Samuel,
Me and Camilla are very thankful for what we have experienced with you on Boracay. We have learned a lot about ourselves and the OSHO style of meditating. You are a truly inspiring individual who spread a lot of love around you, and we are very happy to have had the chance to meet you and learn from you, there could not have been a better teacher for us. We had A LOT of fun and were filled with so much energy and warmth in our bodies and hearts. Hopefully you are able to continue doing this and who knows where we will meet the next time.
Much love.”

Review by Ann, from The Philippines

"I just want to say thank you so much again for the 3 days of inspiring yoga/meditation classes. You have helped me so much that my family had noted i seemed much better now than when i left. I would definitely say that if someone is ready to find their center, doing your classes is the best thing for them. I wish I could have done a longer program, but there is always a next time. Again, i can't thank you enough!"

Review by Tobias and Camilla, from Sweden and Germany

"Dear Samuel,
Me and Camilla are very thankful for what we have experienced with you on Boracay. We have learned a lot about ourselves and the OSHO style of meditating. You are a truly inspiring individual who spread a lot of love around you, and we are very happy to have had the chance to meet you and learn from you, there could not have been a better teacher for us. We had A LOT of fun and were filled with so much energy and warmth in our bodies and hearts. Hopefully you are able to continue doing this and who knows where we will meet the next time.
Much love.”

“Breathtaking experience, a must do in Boracay! ”
Zoe and Daniel, Australia

My partner and I did yoga on the beach with Samuel at sunset, and it was beautiful! My partner had never practiced yoga before, Samuel guided him through with great support and teaching. As a regular yogi myself, the experience was like no other! Amazing setting, incredible teacher and unforgettable experience. A definite must do, even if yoga is new to you!

Review by Alexandra Walker from Hongkong

"I originally signed up for the 4 day Yoga retreat which turned into 9 days of yoga and meditation! I went into this retreat because of a personal trauma and wanted something that would help with the healing process. I had no expectations or experience of meditation previously and so was completely open. The first meditation session I experienced a peacefulness and relaxation that I have never felt before, although I didn't really give myself fully to the meditation at first, it made me look within myself, at the emotions I was currently facing but to also look at all parts of my life and who I am. As the days went on and we moved through the different types of meditations I started to give myself more and more and I was elated by a natural high, happiness and oneness I felt within myself, which I have never felt before. The yoga on the beach and at the place I stayed during my time in Boracay with Samuel were some of my most beautiful memories, he gave me so much confidence in myself, and made me realize that in fact I am not really a beginner. Samuel is a beautiful teacher, he is humble, caring, supportive and a truly inspiring man. Throughout my time we laughed and were joyful even when I was facing some very tough emotions. After each meditation Samuel would offer his time to discuss and listen to our experiences and feelings during the meditation or just talk about life in general. All in all this was a joyful, overwhelming, liberating and exciting experience that has inspired me to start a new journey in my life. I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone."

Review by Julien from Brisbane, Australia

"An amazing meeting! More than that, a new friend! Samuel, you did me a power of good.
I was so tired of everyday life, work, personal life...
In this crazy world, where we give ourselves' all, your 4 days retreat was a key part of my stay to balance and refocus personally, and be more aware of the moment. I wasn’t prepared for this unique experience, but know that I come home with not only a sense of well-being but also tools for my everyday life.
Another big thank you for your sharing and hope to see you for another renewing retreat.
See you soon.
Your friend,

Review by Elli & Francisco, from Australia/Argentina

"We signed up to this meditation retreat with no expectations, just ready for a new experience and an opportunity to delve a little deeper within. This experience was truly enlightening yet fun and joyful at the same time. We previously had a little bit of experience with meditation and yoga but after the 4 day retreat our knowledge and opportunity to explore ourselves has developed and grown immensely. During this retreat we experienced feelings and reached a truly natural high on many different levels. Some of the sessions were intense revealing and releasing hidden emotions and some of the sessions were full of laughter and joy while putting us in a beautiful state of relaxation- however we felt safe and prepared for all of these sessions at all times. Samuel's supportive and caring nature enabled us to feel free and comfortable to participate in all the different types of mediation and yoga at our full potential. Not only did Samuel fully support us during the meditations and yoga sessions, he offered his time to further discuss anything we needed to whether it be the meditation or yoga sessions specifically or just a general talk about life. Samuel is a truly inspiring and humble person. If you just want to bring some joy and happiness back into your body and life or experience delving a little deeper within yourself or just simply feel cleansed and energised then we would highly recommend this retreat."

Review by Callum from New Castle, UK

"Hello Samuel.
I thank you for everything you have done for me. The retreat has been a real learning curve and I'll be sure to carry on the practice wherever life may take me. You have genuinely made my life a more open place and I wish you all the good luck in the world.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. God knows I needed it.
Thank you so much,

Review by Teresita from Manila, Philippines


"My 4-day Stress Release Yoga Retreat at the Beach Meditation last Feb 25-28, 2016 was truly a unique experience. This was my first time to practice yoga at the beach, especially at the beautiful beach of Boracay! Aside from the beach setting, what made the experience even more unforgettable for me is my teacher Samuel. He has a welcoming presence which made me feel comfortable and open-up easily. All my questions were answered with wisdom and much clarity. He specifically devised the retreat program based on my level of practice with yoga and meditation. As an experienced teacher, he taught me different techniques like breathing, mantra, dancing, whirling, among other things. Also, the holotrophic breathwork helped me to understand myself better. Samuel's encouragement inspired me to continue this practice all the more. All in all, it was a mix of overwhelming, relaxing, fun and liberating experience! I never felt so alive coming out of this retreat! I highly recommend this retreat to everyone. =)"

Review by Jane from Vancouver, Canada

"Recently, I joined the Beach Meditation's 4-day "Stress-Release Meditation" in the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines. It was a truly magical experience and I have since gained immense insight and tools to aid in dealing with the stress of today's high-paced world. I have learnt a variety of techniques in the forms of yoga, breathwork, and active meditation. Active meditation was a new concept for me and prior to this experience, I had only participated in silent meditation. Active meditation uses a combination of breath-work, movement, and dance; I felt that my body enjoyed this new process of preparing for meditation and I found that it allowed me to dive much deeper than usual. To anyone considering this retreat, I absolutely recommend taking part. Josef and Samuel are outstanding teachers and I have learnt so much within my short time in Boracay. I will be back in the near future."

Review by Kuba from London (UK)


"To start off New Year, my wife and I spent 5 days doing morning yoga on the beach and afternoon meditation sessions on a rooftop while on Boracay. It was truly transformative experience so if you planning to vist Boracay you need to give it a go. Personally recommend session of Holotropic breath-work with a good measure of kundalini. Not too mention mind and body bending yoga before breakfast🙏Namaste!"

Review by Reena from San Francisco, USA


"Hi Samuel! I'm back in the white blanket of fog that sweeps the city of San Francisco and am missing my yoga by the beach experience in sunny Boracay. Thank you for your patience, guidance and support in teaching a beginner like me. Your calm and soothing voice, and individualized attention allowed me to be confident and relaxed during the sessions. The sound of the waves and the light ocean breeze was the ideal set-up for this meditation experience and the breathing exercises. I felt restored, balanced, happy and relaxed after the classes.
Accommodating to all yoga levels with a noncompetitive, nonjudgmental & friendly atmosphere, the sessions were fun as well as challenging at such an affordable price.
I'm grateful to have a dedicated teacher in you and I look forward to the next time and the next head stand.Namaste!”

Review by April from Vancouver, Canada

"Grateful to enjoy a wonderful sunset yoga session on the beach. The sand made it extra tough but SO worth it. I’m really feeling it today. If you’re ever in Boracay, you must check out The Beach Meditation. They offer beach yoga and active meditation classes in this incredible paradise. Namaste!"

Review by Gina from Manila, Philippines


"Samuel was just what I needed. We were on a 4-day vacation when I accidentally stumbled upon him conducting a yoga class at the beach at about 7am. I was jogging and when i saw his class i could feel the serenity and calmness going on with his students. I immediately asked for our own yoga session, and got hooked! He is very nice, calm and helpful in teaching us yoga”


Review by Danielle from Shanghai, China


"Leading a typical busy life of a teacher in Shanghai the desire to de-stress and and reflect was growing. Then I saw the advert for the beach meditation. I met the lovely Samuel and Joseph who gave me and my friend a rooftop Active Meditation session and were both happy to discuss things further to help us. I also joined them for sunset Yoga on the beach during my stay in Boracay. I felt relaxed and got the desired motivation to seek out how to continue this when back at home. The perfect setting whatever your level, and both teachers are inspiring and well informed. Thank you both! Blessings"

Review by Natalia from Moscow, Russia


"I had a great experience practicing yoga with Samuel on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world -White beach during amazing sunset . These practices helped me to find Love, peace and balance in my soul as well as inspired to search for more other practices back to snow Moscow."

Review by Beth from UK


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Josef and Samuel for the couple of mediation sessions you lead for me. They were like nothing I've experienced before, and I'm so grateful to have tried them. Thank you both again. I wish you both all the best with this new endeavour - I've no doubt that it'll be very popular."

Review by a traveler from New York, USA


"I was always curious about meditation and all the yoga programs that go along with it. As for myself, I am in shape but only for some gym workouts. I visit the Philippines from New York quite often but never ventured into the meditation world of the inner self. I had to give it a try. I took advantage of a four-day, three-night promo package, food not included. The Beach Meditation Center is operated by Josef Huber and Samuel Boursier, meditation teachers, yoga teachers and therapists. They both traveled extensively and teach in Europe, Bali, India. I learned there are many different forms of yoga and meditation. Dantes Hide Away Resort where the center is located is at Station 3, Along Angol Street about 100 meters from the beach. Boracay Beach, by the way, is rated as one of the most beautiful in the world. I must admit, after four days, I experienced a wonderful time"

Hi All,
Enjoy 1 min of gentle and quiet sailing, back to Boracay White Beach. (After one day trip on Karabao Island)