Here you are invited to participate and experience a deep individual transformation.

Our programs are designed to help you understand yourself and learn to grow as a free and conscious individual

Our programs are designed to be deep transforming and awakening journeys.


Get rid of your stress, tensions and emotional burdens, reconnect with your body in awareness and love, clean your heart and nurture your soul.


You will activate the dormant energies of your body, accept your vulnerability, live more in the now, and experience relaxation, aliveness, and joy.

Meditation and Mindfulness


Meditation is learning to go within ourself and discover our true essence. It is the art of living a life from our truth, embracing all the levels of existence (physical, psychological, emotional) with more awareness, easiness, and clarity.


Here you will have the opportunity to explore consciousness through OSHO Active Meditations. They are revolutionary meditation methods divided into different stages, where the participant is invited in the first stages to activate his body energy through movements and breath, making stillness and silence much easier in the last stages.




Breath is life. Breath is the bridge between the body and the soul, between the visible and the invisible. You are born with a first breath, and you will leave this world with a last breath.


When used with specific techniques that have been known for ages by shamans and yogis, it is an incredible tool to help release physical and emotional tensions and expand consciousness for a deeper understanding of who we are.


Music and Dance


"If people can dance a little more, sing a little more, be a little more crazy, their energy will be flowing more and their problems will by and by disappear.

"Hence I insist so much on dance. Dance to orgasm! Let the whole energy become dance and suddenly you will see that you don’t have any head. The stuck energy in the head is moving all around, creating beautiful patterns, gestures, movement..." Osho